Reconstruction is one of our Main Services

We work with programs such as the Texas General Land Office, City of Houston, and Florida DEO to facilitate home reconstruction and bring new homes to people in need.

The Process


The first step to building a new home is tearing down the old one. We utilize a variety of our very own heavy equipment to achieve this task. From skid steers to excavators used to bring the house down to the dump trailer that hauls the debris to the landfill. Every part of this step is important and takes a trained professional, which we are never short of.


To build a strong house you must first have a strong foundation. We build every house with the intention of it lasting a very long time. This starts with the foundation, whether it is a slab on grade or pilings. We use expert engineers to determine the exact specifications for every home. 


Everyone likes a home to have good bones. We provide well engineered very strong bones. We utilize house plans that have been designed by our certified engineer. We hold a number of different floorplans and architectural elevation designs, ensuring that every homeowner’s needs will be meet.


Once we have the frame of the home in place we can then worry about the utilities. We use our most trusted and qualified subcontractors to take care of this step. This is a portion of the process that is very important, we understand that and take the utmost care in choosing our subcontractors.

Trim Out

One of the last steps before a home is complete. Here is where all of your major finishing touches come into place. We utilize our valued team members who are specifically trained for each task. 

Finishing Touches

The smell of fresh paint, the gleam of sparkly new appliances. These are part of the final step of building a new home. The only thing left is to hand over the keys to the homeowner so they can enjoy their beautiful new home!

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