Was Your Home Damaged By Flooding?

We understand the devastation that flooding can cause. Our family and neighbors were also affected by natural disasters that caused havoc in our hometown. Once you decide to elevate your home, flooding will no longer be a concern. At  Byrdson Services, home elevation is one of our specialties.

Our team has elevated slab, pier and beam, and slab separations of homes from heights of 4 feet to 24 feet high.  

All projects begin with an engineer designing a new foundation, stairs and landings to all doors. An engineer inspects every phase of the  elevation  process. A professional surveyor will help to determine the proper height to elevate to avoid future concerns.   

Differences Between Byrdson and Our Competitors

The safety of your home and our team is our top concern. We utilize state-of-of-the-art techniques to safely elevate your home. 

This includes: additional piers, more wood cribbing to support your home while being lifted and completed with a larger foundation. 

Our lifting methods include the utilization of more jacks so undue pressure is not applied to the current foundation of your home. We have invested in the most advanced Unified Jacking Systems; it is the latest in structural lifting technology. We have multiple crews and unified jacking systems to ensure that when you select Byrdson Services, you will not have to wait for us to begin  your home elevation.

We have an Online Construction Management Software that will allow you to view the progress of your home in real-time from anywhere. Our Project Managers will update pictures daily and our log sheet will track all elevation phases to completion. 

Our attention to detail and positive customer feedback has made homeowner’s decision of selecting Byrdson Services, one that they can feel confident about. 

Industry Leading Elevation Methods

Our team of devoted professionals with over 100+ years of experience gives you the confidence to know that your home is in safe hands.

We have a proven track record of completing projects within the scheduled time frame. Our goal is to start your project faster than anyone else.  

We collaborate with both architects and engineers to devise an innovative plan to design your home so that it appears as it was built as an elevated home.

We focus to create more livable space on the bottom level by utilizing more beams and strategically placing load bearing columns. This creates more floor space without sacrificing the structural integrity of your home elevation.

Unified Jacking System

Excello Homes utilizing the most advanced technology to elevate your home. Our Unified Jacking System provides stability when elevating your home.

The system works by multiple jacks working at a simultaneous rate to raise your foundation. Each jack is able to support the homes distributed weight and effortlessly elevate your home to an astounding 4-24 feet high. This sophisticated system has the strength to elevate your home without causing stress to the structure of your home.

Other competitors use common jacking systems which can cause exterior and interior damage. The damage can leave your home with unsightly cracks resulting from foundation issues. This will cause additional costly repairs to be done.

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